Jun 2008 – Sep 2008: “ART Arquitectura” Architectural Office (Madrid).



– Reform Projects in all Phases of Pharmacies for the MOBIL-M Furniture Company: Architectural Survey, drawing of plans, presentations

– Reform and Rehabilitation Projects of Dwellings in Madrid´s old town: Sketches, drawing of plans, data collection

– Residential buildings Project in Burgos: Drawing of plans

Dic 2009 – Feb 2011: “Sulitze-Muñoz Arquitectos” Architectural Office (Madrid).



– Residential building Project in Padre Oltra: Management and construction visits

– Residential building Project in Duquesa de Castrejón: Sketches, drawing of plans and market study

– Rehabilitation Project of German Embassy in Madrid: Execution Project

– Rehabilitation Project of the Goethe Institute in Madrid: Data collection, plans reconstruction, drawing of plans, bidding, management, information searching

– Reform Project of the Archaeological German Institute in Madrid: Data collection plans reconstruction, architectural survey, drawing of plans, bidding, management and construction visits

– Project of the Mayacina Commercial Center, Mieres, Asturias: Drawing of plans

– Project of a house in Asturias: Sketches, drawing of plans

Mar – April 2013: Designing and creating of the Blog of the group “Designing the Sustanaible”


Responsible for promoting a change of model in the construction, urbanism and architectural field, publishing information, documents, news, organizing visits, debates:  Purchase and management of hosting and domain, designing, building and adjusting of the Blog and the facebook website.

Jun  – Dic 2013: Work placement in Senegal with Architects Without Borders




–  Supporting and assisting the Project Manager in charge of erecting a Health Center in Joal – Fadiouth: drawing of plans, logistics, budget justification, construction supervising, personal hiring, negotiations, contracts, purchases, problem resolution

–  Jan – Sept 2013: Organization, diffusion, preparations and logistics of the Workshop “Between Earths”: formation in Construction with Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) and International Cooperation in different Project phases (Identification, Execution, Evaluation): preparation, logistics, management and diffusion (in Madrid and Senegal)

–  Execution phase of the Workshop “Between Earths”: formation and practice in CEB construction technique, practice building a shop, relax and exposition space for the Association MDF in Joal – Fadiouth (Senegal), by a CRAterre former and Architects Without Borders: Support and assistance to the former and coordinator

  • Earth Construction Theory. Type Earth, mortar and plaster Tests.
  • CEB bond design and details plans of the shop: double and simple walls, corners, reinforcement, lattice, window opening, shelves…
  • CEB Fabrication with Cinva–Ram machine, wall foundations, CEB walls construction, mortar and plaster fabrication, lattice, window opening, shelves…
  • Construction with traditional local techniques: shell mortar, broken tile, cane grid or framework, recycled materials…

–   Identification phase of “Between Earths” Workshop. Research and writting of an Habitat Study, for a futur Habitat Project in Joal – Fadiouth:  Accompaning of volunteers, data collection, writting, drawing of plans and diffusion.

–  Coordination of the “Houses of Water” Project Evaluation: organizing and making interviwes to local users and people directly involved, expositions, showing and leading the volunteers during the workshop and writting of reports

Feb – May 2014: Work as architect.

–   Architectural Survey and Reform Project of a residential in Lauterbach (Germany): Data collection, architectural survey, drawing of plans, administrative contacts